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Jaedong wrote:..

i m gonna send u a pm soon™ and maybe u will like it..

Edit (1 hour later) : Sent you a pm.
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nice work jeadong !
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You should add places to easily gather exp (tristram till lvl 17/18, sewers till lvl 30, mephisto till lvl ~42-45, Baal till lvl 60) in order to have less struggles in hatred and terror. I think afterwards the guide is completed.
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hey jaedong i've been playing the past couple weeks using your guide in conjuction with the documentation it has been immensely helpful (answered every question i've had!). i've been playing caster druid following the guide lines you've layed out... im currently at the tail end of terror. something ive noticed that is worth mentioning i think and might be helpful for others. i find putting points into pleague avatar much more useful as an aoe than freezeing gale. Gale requires you to be in almost melee range (not a great aspect for a fairly squishy caster), not to mention hatred act 3 and up i found much more cold immune monsters than poison immune. However while using avatar im able to sit back comfortably behind my follower and summons and blanket the room in poion and fire off a few elementals and everything dies, an added benifit avatar adds damage to the summons poison flash attack, so essentially even more damage output.

Anyway just some feedback, again thanks for the guide.
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There is no love with barbs?
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Could probably add these information somewhere cause alot of people are not aware of these:
Crushing blow:
Normal monster: 1/4 Melee, 1/8 Ranged Attack.
Boss/Champion monster: 1/8 Melee, 1/16 Ranged Attack.
Deadly strike/Critical strike:
Chance to double damage
Running VS Walking:
Running remove all you armor so make sure you're walking median has increased movement speed for that specific reason
ZOMG Recipe:
Magic weapon/armor + magic amulet + magic ring → reroll item as level 1 magic item
This recipe is useful for making replacement for your honorific as you can roll lvl30 sacred cafted
Elemental pierce:
Elemental pierce ( - enemy resist ) is one of the most useful stat in median. Monsters do have resist between 0 and 99 ( 100+ is resist )
do not underestimate having -99% to enemy resist
Life leech:
Hatred: 25% of your life leech is applied
Terror: 7.5% of your life leech is applied
Destruction: 2% of your life leech is applied
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Didn't notice this up until... well, now. Very nice guide!
Since char orb has been removed it would make sense to get rid of that line in the guide.
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Overall a pretty good guide - I will be linking this to my newbie friend!

Here are some suggestions for your guide:
  • "Choice of Class/Build" section started off good with the "TLDR" of each build but got lazy at the end
  • Use the new(ish) [item]tag for items (Example in spoiler at the bottom)
  • 'Rainbow' Runeword picture is in the guide twice (And pictures are not needed, use the [item] tag)
  • Runewords should probably have a quick description of why they are good
  • Gift Box description should probably mention the box can drop Tier 2 items as well, so it's worth it to farm them over Tier 1
  • Put recipes inside of either [c] tags or [code] tags
  • Instead of "__________THE SISTERS__________" use [h3] tags
  • More than just Akara/Drognan sell throwing weapons
  • Should give some warning about Cave Snappers/Grubbers as they can kill a newbie quite easily
  • General review/read over for spelling and grammar (Read your entire post out loud, it helps)

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