Cold Werewolf Druid

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Currently testing out this build and having a lot of fun with it. Because I find the build really struggles with Duncraig, I've respec'd to Hunting Banshee (using Biting Frost) to level and farm Dunc from 120-130 and it's going very well. Definitely recommend it for anyone having trouble as a werewolf in Dunc.
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Saibo wrote:How does a werewolf feel after changing fpa? What variations for the final setting can be used?

For cold wolf in particular, Cold Blood or a Crafted Crystal Sword is still prob best bet. Then you have
Azgar's Crystal
Azgar's Crystal
Giant Sword (Sacred)

One-Hand Damage: 42 to 45
Two-Hand Damage: 65 to 67
(Druid Only)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 480
Item Level: 130
Strength Damage Bonus: (0.16 per Strength)%
While in Werewolf Form:
Adds 50% of Current Mana as Cold Damage
100% Attack Speed
150% Bonus to Attack Rating
-100% to Enemy Cold Resistance
Maximum Cold Resist +(2 to 5)%
Cannot Be Frozen
Socketed (4)
for a mana wolf build which is way better than cold wolf right now but also WAAAAY more expensive.

5 fpa is a big nerf but everything is still doable. Not sure about labs but prob going to need some UMO support to make it work in higher tiers.


Druid Helms

Runeword Level: 100
Howl of the Spirits: +4 Seconds Duration
+10 to Maximum Damage
+(300 to 500) to Attack Rating
-(10 to 15)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
+(8 to 12) to Twisted Claw (Druid Only)
+(141 to 171)% Enhanced Defense
(15 to 20)% to Strength
Maximum Mana +10%
Maximum Elemental Resists +1%
Physical Resist 5%
is a really good bossing helm, provided you still have enough pierce after losing coldhunger, the twisted claw bonus and resists are noticeable if you need survivability