The Hireling Handbook - A Guide to Mercenaries

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Have been referencing this a lot! Very helpful!
Monkey King
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a2 merc can equip
Malthael's Sanctuary
Malthael's Sanctuary
(Paladin Ritualist Set)

Malthael's Ward
Malthael's Crown
Malthael's Halo
Malthael's Wrath

Set Bonus with 2 or more set items:
10% Chance to cast level 34 Flamestrike on Melee Attack
+150 Life on Attack

Set Bonus with 3 or more set items:
10% Chance to cast level 34 Hailstorm on Melee Attack
20% to Vitality

Set Bonus with complete set:
+3 to Paladin Skill Levels
+12 to Warp Armor
20% to Vitality
Increase Maximum Life and Mana 15%
Elemental Resists +50%

pay attention to little fact that fighter mage receives fire and cold spell bonuses per level, so jewels accordingly.
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NotCube wrote:
Semigloss wrote:Full matheal set A2 Merc? Lol

At first I thought that'd be cool, but then I realized that fighter mage has no dual pierce like a real UHM (who can get away with just stacking both spell dmg types) and that set has zero pierce. He also can't take advantage of all the vitality bonuses from the set so it's pretty much a waste on him. Aura looks cool though.