Physical Werebear Druid

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Javalad wrote:Can you explain why you max Idol of Scosglen? As far as I can see one point gets the 30% physical resist, more points just add to movement speed? (I'm not using Ancestral force so the cool down reduction isn't necessary or useful.)

more points increase defense bonus from the upgrade skill too
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Funny how I managed to blindly stumble on this build while trying out druid (minus the melee devotion). Long story short, got a cloudladder with good rolls on previous character and was itching to roll a druid to use it - then did a druid. and got a Norrec drop really early - then just looked at skills of various trees, tried out a werebear, and double taked about speed of enemies falling. then slapped myself on the head with (target gets additional damage) and never looked back. only time I thought silly thoughts was level 20-25 when I considered getting a hunter tree bear, but nah, not worth at all - would be cool flavour wise though. Might try out something when get this beefcake to 100+ . Thanks for ideas with belt/boots as I was just kinda throwing stuff together - just was considering to go for green resist belt when possible

Edit: Managed to get full werebear set at lv 91 and it is BEAUTIFUL