Psionic Mind Ripple Assassin Guide

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It's tragic that the cognition rework has ended up with the last cognition levels best left avoided so to utilise specialisaton+beacon. Great character though, just built it and it is very strong, surprisingly tanky in scolsglen (while near min-maxed) and a great boss killer.

I don't love your ring choices tbh (tho Ras might be necessary when SF is low). What are your thoughts on Emp Glory? Imo it's very good thanks to the life buff (I'm using 4%sd/life/sf jewels) plus it has tons of MO space (for apple of discords of course!). Adrenaline rush is also a very good ring, hitting BP's super easy and hence saving MO space (It also allowed me to hit 200fhr bp with not much hassle).

Now i'm just trying to get enough SF that I can abandon the robe of steel for Hypersurface/Crafted armor and get that juicy life buff.