Incarnation Paladin (Holy Caster) SSF-viable

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Could use QT trophy, 20 AR/bloodlust ele/MDR, useful for lab, even more so when doubled w/ awakening. But there are choices. Yshari is pure damage :shock:
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Or Xaxaz trophy for 40% MF
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I've farmed triune trophy for my sleep. Still need the 1/1/1/1 sleep Charm though.
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I've done labs up to 5 on this character wearing just the Dragon set and 2-piece Yaerius +
Black Masquerade
Black Masquerade
Bone Helm (Sacred)

Defense: (2420 - 2904) to (2622 - 3147)
Required Level: 80
Item Level: 120
+100 Spell Focus
+100% to Physical/Magic Spell Damage
+(150 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
+200 Life Regenerated per Second
Physical Resist (0 to 10)%
Requirements -100%
Socketed (4)
. I only just got a level 6 riftstone to drop, not tried lvl 6 yet.

To find
Fire Hydra
Fire Hydra
Flail (Sacred)

One-Hand Damage: 47 to 56
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 486
Item Level: 130
Strength Damage Bonus: (0.11 per Strength)%
+(2 to 4) to Paladin Skill Levels
Annihilation Cooldown Reduced by 3 seconds
+50% Damage to Undead
+33% to Physical/Magic Spell Damage
+33% to Fire Spell Damage
(21 to 25)% to Vitality
+(201 to 250) to Energy
Maximum Fire Resist +(3 to 5)%
Fire Resist +100%
Cannot Be Frozen
Socketed (6)
is it best to keep on with labs or is there a better place to farm it?
I cleared Scos but it was frantic stuff and the drops were not great and the xp was rubbish. Maybe one run isn't enough to tell.