Incarnation Paladin (Holy Caster) SSF-viable

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fuppy wrote:Managed to optimize the build a little more and do a 50s Uldyssian, which considering the singletarget for this build is very good.

Your Guide was so great! Now I'm really interested in this architecture. Can you show it? :D

It was a typical Cain setup with max XP through every means: crafted items in slots that can roll XP, 2% xp jewels and so on and so forth. Sadly I can't link the char anymore as it was deleted after 180 days of inactivity on said character.

Diaco wrote:how does this build fare in labs 7+?

It's an okayish labber since Annihilation is such a sound skill for labs mechanically: you place an invincible turret to shoot enemies that aren't even in your line of sight.

Damage for the most part can still be found but the clear is far worse than in my videos. The cooldown nerf on Fire Hydra for Annihilation made the clearing very janky as you can't really place it often enough for a smooth farming experience. I haven't tried it myself, but I have heard from people who have. It's not great. And with that, I can't recommend anyone to play this build anymore.

But aside from later labs, how is farming (Fauzt and Scos), leveling etc?

Hep. I played this build this season and pushed labs with it, using cain etc. Link to char:
I havent done fauzt farming in a while, and the cooldown of annihilation makes it slow compared to other common builds for fauzt.
When it comes to scos I think it's pretty good as the damage clear mobs fast, and despite the nerf to explosion radius the aoe is still pretty good (with cain).
I tend to focus on labs, and it works well there too imo. Damage with cain is good, so u clear fast despite the cooldown on annihilation.
It will however require quite alot of gear to make it feel good. Being a spell caster means u don't leech, so surviving can be a problem before u invest enough to have spare points for to put in vit to boost ur hp pool. Hope this helps (:

I learned a lot ,tyvm :bounce: