Lemures Ritualist (UHM)

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zion24 wrote:Does anyone have a video of a scosglen clear with season-start gear? Thinking of starting my next season with this build but couldn't find anything on the forums, discord or youtube.

I played UHM into scols the last 21 seasons but didnt make vids in scols.

This season I played Cherub but I did 1-125 as UHC on day 1-2, respec'd to UHM at 125 (to skip dunc bottleneck) with a skylord + robe +ashaera + lamha waiting. Played UHM until I got an azure (build defining for my end game build) around 137.

Skylord/robe/ash/TU circ/ any rings/ Lamha/ Binding treads is more than capable of farming scols and doing all content short of Samael, Lab 7+. It's a very good witch farmer too.

Min maxing gets you up to lab 10 but it's hard to be reliable and not die.