Call Down the Thunder: Stormzon Miniguide

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catsarelame wrote:Dumb question: How do you wear Zerae's? do you use -req jewels?

Zerae's requirements are all quite low, no -req jewels necessary once you collect your charms.

Before level ~120-125 you just do the usual tricks - honorific boots and/or belt with +50 strength, -req jewels, 50-100 base strength/dex.
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How useful would you say block is on stormzon?

block speed even maxed would be slower than hit recovery, and block seems to be of more importance for farming than bosses - and I'm not aware (so far) of bosses that deal so much damage in melee/projectiles that can be blocked for it to play a huge role.

Wouldn't trying to reduce the chance to be hit in the first place with Balance be more beneficial? Or is the bump in defense rating not high enough in comparison to a 1% block chance?