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Need help installing the mod?
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So, I find it strange there is not a single stickied thread on the launcher, at least not one I could find. I checked Announcements, MedialXL General Discussion, Sigma, and Multiplayer. I only found this sub/sub forum for the first time by doing a search by title "Launcher", so considering there should be an error thread like there is for patches, I think this may be a problem. If I overlooked it, then pardon my ignorance.

Regarding the error, I switched my "main" monitor to my 2nd screen from my laptop to a bigger and better screen; for clarity sake, screen 1 is this monitor plugged into my laptop, while my laptop screen is screen 2. Whenever I open MXL Launcher, it never shows up, even though the icon for it appears on the bottom nav bar. When I click the icon, windows does that animation showing a window briefly moving to the right and enlarging but it seems to be off screen... and when I click it again, it shows the same animation in reverse. How can I get the launcher working again? I'm trying to test this new gfx enhancement on this other monitor now that I have some time.

EDIT: All I had to do was ctrl-alt-del close MXL Launcher, reset my monitor back to 1 | 2 instead of 2 | 1, open MXL Launcher then move it over to monitor #1, then reset the monitors back, then finally restart MXL Launcher. Sounds more complicated than it is, but I assume Launcher saves last window position causing this error when moving from a different monitor sizes.