Strange Colors in the game

Need help installing the mod?
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I can't fix it, it's so hard do play like that. It happens just when i use the 3DFX Glide, if i use the Direct Draw or the Direct 3D the colors go back to normal.
But they dont have full screen support.
Plz, help.
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To be honest you picked ActIV town as an example but that specific area is the only one with a calibration that makes it change color like that and with that intensity. Every other part of the game looks fairly normal... Glide is an excellent tool to add depth and weight to places that otherwise would look overwhelmingly bland (thinking of Toraja, Ureh and many others), with the right customization will also make the game looks much more sharp and detailed. But I understand if you prefer a more classic visual feel, this might help you with your conundrum: windowed manual full-screen.