Median XL Installation Guide (Windows)

Need help installing the mod?
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This walkthrough serves to assist you in the pursuit of installing MedianXL and its Launcher, nothing more. Thus it'll be assumed for you to already possess a clean D2LoD installation on your PC.

If you experience any error during the installation, or after, please refer to this thread instead: Troubleshooting for Median XL: Sigma

To note before proceeding:
  • If you want to play both vanilla D2LoD and MedianXL on the same PC, make sure you have two (or more) copy of a clean Diablo II installation folder, so that you will be able to install MedianXL in one (running it via "Median XL Launcher" shortcut) and continue to play classic D2LoD using a shortcut leading to another copy of the folder.
  • If you are utilizing a MacOS, then take a look at this thread for instructions: MedianXL Installation Guide (MacOS)
  • If you are utilizing a Linux distro, then take a look at these threads for instructions: MedianXL Installation Guide (Linux) or Linux Standalone MXL Launcher
  • It is better to not install neither Diablo2+LoD nor the Median Launcher in the "Program Files" folder if you do not have Administrator's rights. Also is recommended to install both of them in the same drive (i.e. both in C: or whichever you prefer).
  • If for whatever reason you're not able to install the Median XL Launcher and want to try a manual installation (not recommended) do the following:
    - Make sure your game is patched exactly to the 1.13c version, or a manual installation will not work.
    - Download these files: MXL.mpq.dll and extract them using a program like 7-Zip. Both files are archives and both files need to be extracted. At the end of the exctraction process you should have obtained 3 new files (MXL.mpq, D2Sigma.dll and Fog.dll) that needs to be dropped into your Diablo II folder (where "Game.exe" can be found). In case it asks you if you want to replace the existing files, select yes.
    - (optional) Download the latest version of the Glide-Wrapper and extract its archive content to your Diablo II folder (where "Game.exe" can be found) to use the Glide video mode with its configuration interface.

Preparation for the installation

For a successful installation and gaming experience few precautions have to be taken:
  • Make sure you're not trying to install the Median XL Launcher in WindowsXP or Vista, they are no longer supported.
  • Make sure Diablo II.exe is set to run as an Administrator and in compatibility mode with Windows XP (Service Pack 3), and doesn't contain additional arguments in the Target path. You can check all of this by right-clicking D2 icon and selecting its "Properties".
    ► Diablo II Properties
  • Make sure your base Diablo2+LoD is clean (D2SE and PlugY are not compatible anymore) and updated (at least 1.13c) and starts up properly presenting no issue.
  • Make sure your monitor has a resolution equal or superior to 1024x768 (smallest resolution allowed in MedianXL).
  • Make sure your antivirus/security-suite is not blocking the web address, in case it's blocking it, insert the address in the proper web exclusions list and restart your PC.
  • Make sure you are connected to the internet.

Median XL Launcher's Installation Procedure

  • Download the Median XL Web Setup.
  • Right-click on the Median XL Web Setup and select "Run as administrator".
  • You will be met with the first interface, a license agreement, click on "I Agree".
    ► License Agreement
  • Now the second interface. If you have multiple profiles on your PC make sure to select the same profile chosen for Diablo2+LoD (i.e. one or all of the profiles) and then click "Next >".
    ► Profile Selection
  • The third interface will have you choose in which directory the files for the Median XL Launcher will be installed. The default path should be already perfectly fine, click on "Install".
    ► Launcher Directory Path
  • At this point you'll be greeted with the fourth insterface that will let you see the installation progress, should not take long.
    ► Launcher Installation Progress
  • Once ultimated you'll be presented with a confirmation screen, make sure the "Run Median XL Launcher" option is checked and then click on "Finish".
    ► Launcher Installation Ultimated
You have successfully installed the Median XL Launcher, it is not over yet, now proceed to the section below.

Median XL's Game Files Installation Procedure

  • Upon opening the Median XL Launcher for the first time, you will most likely be presented with a window titled "Select Diablo II Installation Folder" so, you guessed it, we are going to do exactly that by navigating to the designed folder. Once done, click on "Select Folder".
    If you do not remember where you installed Diablo2 LoD you can check its path by 'right-clicking' on Diablo2 LoD original shortcut, then selecting "Properties" and in the "Shortcut" tab read the path written in "Target:"; the needed path should end with the folder right before "\Diablo II.exe". (the pictures shows my specific setup, yours could be vastly different).
    ► Selecting Diablo II Folder
  • Once done, an "INSTALL" button will appear on the Median XL Launcher main interface, click on it. The installation will begin and you'll be able to visualize its progress rate looking at the interface.
    ► MXL Installation Progress
  • When completed, if all went well, the button will now have been turned into the "PLAY" one. Hold on! Don't click on it yet. First thing to do is to access the Launcher's settings. To do this click on the cog "⚙️" icon (up-right) in the Launcher's interface or alternatively click on the "⚙️ Settings" entry.
    ► Accessing Launcher Settings
  • When in the Launcher's settings interface, make sure that "Run the game in windowed mode" is the only selected option, make sure once again that the installation path is the correct one you've selected, and finally make sure the "Game Language" is set to "English" (you can always change it at a later time by using one of our custom translation: Sigma Translations).
    If all it's in order you can return to the main interface by clicking on the big white "X".
    ► Settings Configuration
  • Now you can click on "PLAY" and, after a brief moment, the game's main menu will open.
    ► The Adventure Begins

Congratulation! You have installed MedianXL and are ready to experience its epicness and getting addicted to it. Enjoy! ^^

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