Linux Standalone Median XL Launcher

Need help installing the mod?
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i downloaded this. I have no clue what i am actually supposed to do with the extracted files.
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1. Open a terminal, goto extracted files dir
2. Make d2launcher file executable: chmod +x d2launcher
3. Run d2launcher: ./d2launcher
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For the terminal ignorant like myself> right click folder, open in terminal
Dark Huntress
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proton went ok
wine segment crashed.
i didnt get any kind of launcher for this tool, command line pita for reuse
should be a good front end tool, but i think i need to Timeshift and start over. I have been hackin and slashin this install for 2 weeks. I have no doubt i have butchered dependencies etc. My fingers have gone places they shouldnt...
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Using this great software, thanks.

However, when I click "multiplayer" the game gets stuck on "checking version" and eventually crashes. Single player works fine.

Has anyone encountered something similar and if so is there a fix?
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Just wanted to add some things since I struggled to install on Ubuntu Desktop, but after messing around for an hour figured things out.

Fuse2 doesn't work and I installed Fuse3, and installed LibFuse2 afterwards just to make sure.

I also installed mono-complete with terminal since wine was crying that it was corrupted when it tried to download itself from the script. (sudo apt-get install mono-complete)

I also updated the wine-proton build from the old version to the ( ... d64.tar.xz) in the D2Launcher file itself.

Afterwards I was able to launch Median XL with -3DFX working properly with no crash on launch.

Hopefully this helps someone else.
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Just got a new pc with ubuntu in, gotta say you're a lifesaver. It worked perfeclty, thanks a lot !
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I redownloaded this in anticipation for the new patch. I see it only updates to version 1.0.4. Was this project abandoned?
It claims to be 2.4.3. But when actually launching the game it clearly says 1.0.4.

Edit: Wrote a custom script to update it myself. Working now.
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try again, the median xl api was updated with delay. The version you see in the main menu of d2launcher is your installed version not remote. You have to go to Update Manager >> Check for Median XL update