Having issues getting the game working "c0000005" exception

Need help installing the mod?
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So I downloaded medianxl about a year ago I think? everything worked fine, no issues. I decided to play it again just a few days ago, noticed anytime I tried to join a multiplayer game- whether I made it or joined, I would get stuck on loading.
I changed servers, didnt work.

I thought maybe my median wasn't updated properly since single player worked fine but I see all these videos on youtube with a different UI more inventory space etc- so redownloaded.

Since I redownloaded, every time diablo 2 boots up I get the unhandled exception error c0000005.
I have ran the game as admin-
my account is admin-
uninstalled all d2 files, median xl etc- reinstalled, and the same thing pops up regardless.
I have tried changing DEP exceptions, but it says only admin can (my account is admin i double checked)
Im at a loss

I am using windows 10
Nvidia GTX 970m
idk what other relevant information would be needed. I am not very computer savvy
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I have the same problem
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Error begins when use Alt button for showing drop.
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If I follow the red line part of the operation, there will be no C00005 error. If it still does not work for your computer, you can follow the method below