MXL: Sigma Announced

The awaited Median XL sequel is coming - discuss it here.
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I paid 10$ for this.
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Myxir wrote:I mean a completely separate place out of inventory which won't take out place for items, but I can imagine it could be hard.

Tbh it doesn’t make sense like somnus said already. Why waste a part of your inventory screen for charms if you can simply add more inventory space instead?
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Ehh, i said COMPLETELY separate place so you don't waste any space. If you press A then you have character stats, if you press T, then it shows you skills tree, P- party etc. So it could be for example G to shows only place for charms. Something like that ^^

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Well it should be reduced for one tali 1x1 (from kurast)and just cube parts from bosses,now limit of the affixes is increased alot,so why to keep 10+ talismans?