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zagorkov wrote:So this still working in 1.3? I used to own almost everything a couple of seasons back, but now i struggle with finding gear... i have 220% MF but drop rates are joke... just like my kill speed. Need some advice on dmg boost for my bowzon. Pantheon set might do the trick but wont drop... I have some hard time in TA but still doable, K3k is pain to do and its like 1 SUset per run if lucky... I just die 2-3 hits (no problem with res all is 85). Should i change my helmet (currently at Snakehair) to Siegfried or Titan? I dont see the -res MO any more too... makes it hard for my rainbow dmg.
And what Shrine do you guys use to craft Bows? i got my hands on rare SU Reflex bow but no idea what to do?

I got stuck like you and I don't play it anymore. I think Abandoned Shrine is good (%bonus to dex)
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is this build still good?
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Jovoman wrote:is this build still good?

no, it's complete utter garbage and this guide is outdated.
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Pls update for sigma 1.2
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Hi! i have a problem with ennead challenge:
i get my charm at lvl80 or some, now im lvl92 and my reward skill doenst active to put skill points on it... i get back now to ennead challenge (always in hatred) finish the challenge again and still cant put skill points in "spellbind" mi reward skill... im trying now in terror mode, but cant complete yet... help
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What version are you playing?

I remember doing Kurast as Bowazon being rather rough but you just need to be patient, lure the skels away from totems ad finish them off.

If you play singleplayer, you can lower your lvl again with the median offline tools (see here: to finish the challenge
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Hi! im playing a outdated version, the ultimative. Now im downloading the newest but want play a little longer with my bowmazon. I try the tool but cant edit the pj, because a warning windows with "quest data not found" appears. I download the ultimative version and replace the folder like the faq says... i start think i cant learn that skill...