The MedianXL 2017 v1.3 SP Miniguides Compilation

Thunder Beetle
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are you going to update old builds? as i can see only neutraldin is up to sigma...sad
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the reason why this isn't updated yet (at least partially) is because it seams that there are more admins not allowing me to update it, than those who don't mind me doing this , so the majority has spoken (at least that was the info i got about 3 months ago) . i have accepted their decision

even so , after 1.1 comes out i'm planning to update it , even if the updates will be here or in another place , the updates will come for sure . I'm just waiting for Marco's reply to a PM , to see where i'm going to put the updates .

my plan for the updates (which can take between 3 to 6 months - if not more) are to include 3 vids for each of the miniguide at the 3 stages of the game (early/mid/end) , so i might migrate all of it to my twitch channel /youtube if it won't be allowed here

also , the Neutraldin isn't finished yet . i've let it in stand-by , waiting for the next patch to finish it .

edit on 25 april : nevermind . looking at the 1.1 changelog it looks to be just a "necro fix patch" . so i'll only be interested into the totemancer/sommoner necro as the rest is still dead / became dead . it seams i have to wait for 1.2 that hopefully might bring some well expected changes before it will worth putting any effort on updating the compilation .
Thunder Beetle
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fair enough.