Life cost Orb of Annihilation (yep)

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So I was looking at ooa necro, and I asked myself "how could I make this do less damage, play far riskier, and have much more meme potential?"

Enter life cost. Through use of
Crimson Dream
Crimson Dream
Phoenix Shield (Sacred)

Defense: 1302 to 1463
Chance to Block: 4%
(Amazon Only)
Required Level: 100
Required Strength: 700
Item Level: 120
Skills Cost Life Instead of Mana
+(4 to 5) to Amazon Skill Levels
+(40 to 50)% to Physical/Magic Spell Damage
+(20 to 40)% to Fire Spell Damage
-(15 to 25)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
+13 to Antimass
+200 Life Regenerated per Second
Socketed (4)
, Zon can spend life instead of mana to cast skills, and ALSO has access to ooa through
Amazon Helms

Runeword Level: 75
+2 to Amazon Skill Levels
+(24 to 27) to Orb of Annihilation
Maximum Mana +(4 to 7)%
Regenerate Mana +(15 to 20)%
Fire Resist +25%
Fire Absorb 2%
Lightning Absorb 2%
Cold Absorb 2%
Poison Length Reduced by 50%
Elemental/Magic Damage Reduced by (5 to 10)
+(21 to 30) Life after each Kill

I'll be updating with fauzt/scos as this progresses. At the time of writing I'm at about 20k life, and level 63 ooa, clvl 122. No wormhole, no umbaru, no 125 charms. Clearing dunc comfy.

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Anyway here's duncraig

(I'll fix the embed later sorry)

Here's a breakdown of how this "works"

1. Blood Zon Bacchanalia, and paragon. Paragon makes fire elementals tankier. You get 15 of them, for plenty of meat shields. Makes it easier to run away if you're getting low.
2. Max skills and vit/life in everything. I'm using an ele throwing axe craft for big life and +6 skills. This will be replaced by a +4 crystal sword and atomus jewels when I can get them. Relic is mandatory.
3. Life spark on kill through duress, LAEK on weapons, vit, life, regen, all the survivability possible. If it gives life, skills, and any good form of sustain, you take it.
4. Chemistry. It's big. Hitting 15k life regen/sec if you can max potions is 3 ooa casts per second (if you'll even need that many). Potions last for 7 sec, so learning to refresh them without spamming is key to maximizing output/survival. Basic math.

For this to be less of a meme, ooa on zon needs a buff. It definitely needs more slvl to cambion (and higher rune cost to balance) and ideally no mana cost restrictions with crimson dream, for starters.