Maxed Wyrd Sorc vs Endgame

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when Vanarchy use 10000tg on Psionic Storm build,he can't do it fast clean T10,except 100%demioss
Bone Archer
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tooltip said 50% of DTU/D but when i add 40% DTU/D by
Relic (Widowmaker)
Required Level: 75
+(21 to 40)% Damage to Undead
+(15 to 24) to Widowmaker
(6 to 9)% to Strength
, damage deals more ~50%, how to calculate this?
try with another source, the same result. Average 100% DTU/D deals ~ 125% damage more.
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prolly best for devs to clarify it. I will mention DTU/DTD is the best scaling vector outside of sources magic damage to attacks