Short guides for noobs like myself, Season 22

Share your videos and screenshots
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HurtSmash404 wrote:Indeed, these guides are helpful. I would upvote your posts if I could.

Stop acting like an assface and maybe you could.
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So, I have reached the end of the series at the moment with all the bosses up to the final two. I will add one about my Samael notes, but I have not defeated it yet. Will progress through the higher levels of the lab this week as well, but Deimoss is also out of reach.

Hope these are helpful.
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Nice vids, a cookie here for you sir. :thumb:
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I second that - Awesome compilation!
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Thank you very much for the cookies! Glad you liked them.
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Here is the Glorious Book of Median secret upgrade showcase, in case you haven't seen it before:

Please give BiuTze cookies!
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I think it would be helpful to do a couple of crafting videos as well and perhaps early game videos that cause a lot of the newer people to stop playing.

- Farming Arcane Crystals early for making your TUs
- What MO's to normally go first (Resists/Dmg)
- Mercenary Build Videos for each Merc type bot TUs and SUs to go for.
- Shrine Crafting and what Modifer's to look for (and Blessings)
- Honorifics and when to use them
- When to use UMOs and what not to. (Don't use UMOs on T3 gear..)
I know most of this is not mechanic's based and more knowledge based. But I do think your video style is very good and would help a lot of people.
Bone Archer
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Good videos man!

I think some videos about basic stuff in MXL would be really useful for some newbs too, such as the stuff Benzula suggested.