Guide to Triune boss fight

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Istaryu wrote:
SinClaire wrote:No mention of Dominate? Does it not work anymore? (Or no longer an available affix?)

I don't really understand this question.

You can use Dominate (or Charm, but Dominate is superior) on Lucion, instead of Mind Control. Dominate is spell which can spawn on Druid helms and an ama bow runeword (forgot which).

Dominate has a fixed 20 second duration and a really short cooldown, which make it heaps better than Mind Control.

EDIT: I tried it out, it still works. But it seems that you have to carry the Tome in your inventory. Dominate will still convert Lucion without the Tome in your inverntory, but Malic won't damage him (I think).
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Hello, aura dont working, moving the tome doesn't help.Tried uber twice.
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ErikYudlaw wrote:Hello, aura dont working, moving the tome doesn't help.Tried uber twice.

Some item effects interferes with the tome, might be the cause of it.
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Thanks. Was battling my balls off with Red Vex, hence found your post.
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I spent over an hour about a week ago on that fight. Lucion was taking 0 dmg from malice after charming him. I did some fishing on forums & discovered orange lettered items were interfering with the charm book. I moved all orange lettered items (cycles/ench scrolls/etc) from inv to stash and was able to complete the fight afterwards.

My witchunter hood has hellfire aura attached (orange letters, but luckily I had a spare witchunter hood.
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How about expand (or create a separate) this to include nymyr's light - failed every time I tried. Some people talking about respect to a vital build. What chars/gears/skills are helpful and making the fight more consistent and easier for fat fingers?

This helped me tremendously in triune boss fight:

"-There is a purple skull icon at debuffs, which indiciates that this aura is working. Weapon swapping can break the aura. If it happens, pick the tome up in the inventory, and out it back down, it should make the aura appear again."
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Dominate is an oSkill that can be rolled on Druid Helms. It's version of mind control lasts for a predetermined amount of time and usually longer than the one granted by the tome. The tome is still needed for the aura.