Season 13: Community Challenges

Game news and forum updates
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Rust Claw
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If its not as good as the PoE Headhunter, then im going to be severely disapointed Kappa
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Stone Warrior
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Seems interesting :D Nice job with the challenges! :D
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Ice Clan
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is jitans allowed for the life challenge? Otherwise really nice :)
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The Smith
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Does completing any of these challenges grant you a Common Contest Badge?
Azure Drake
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So, when someone do the challenge, you post secret RW on forum?
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Stygian Watcher
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Guardian: Kill destruction Baal on Hardcore and post a screenshot with the output from the /time command visible.

I suppose that taking a print screen of your character title from the ladder list would do just fine too.
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Astral Guardian
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"guardian", you made this one for yourself sb, didnt you? ^^
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Is this season includes changes that were in the previous season? --> fallen one blood moor, temple spire bremm, etc.?
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"A challenge completed by anyone on the Ladder will reveal the runeword for everyone!"
It means that a secret runeword would be announced to every one rather than only known by challenger who finished it?
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Stygian Watcher
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Be greatful. Most of the few people who kill all ubers like myself will be doing most of these on accident. You'll get to see secret rune words for doing nothing