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How to calculate FRW? I cant find the way to calculate this. :(

And I find that Sorceress Crystal Swords have -60 WSM, so it only require around 15% IAS to achieve the maximum frames.
So, why most of the Sorceress Crystal Swords have >40% IAS in its modifiers?
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The base item speeds in the docs are not updated yet.
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Thanks been waiting
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How do i find out what my skill ias is?
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Could anyone tell me what the breakpoints are for an assassin using a naginita? Ias/fhf
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Does not start RIP.
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you need Java runtime environment to run this little tool. It is written in the first post of this thread.

If you installed it already and still get error messages while loading, you may post a screen in the tech support discord channel or the short question thread here in the forum. Maybe someone can help you out.
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Hi there,

I cant get the calc to start. No exe or anything in the folder.

WHere do I launch it ?
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Melatonina wrote:Hi there,

I cant get the calc to start. No exe or anything in the folder.

WHere do I launch it ?

Speedcalc.jar launches it, and as the OP says it requires Java Runtime Environment installed.