Turning on sound slows down D2

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Is there any way I can enable sound without D2 shitting itself when I’m farming large mobs?
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Already tried using Glide? Alot of options in there that might improve the performance
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Known problem, no fix. Hard coded nonsense that would require a complete sound rework in the engine. If I remember correctly, even Sigma will not fix this issue, unless something has happened since it was discussed and a work-around found.
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If it could ease the load I hope next patch will cut some of the useless sounds that get played, like the vessels' hit ones f.e.
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Suchbalance has been working on reducing this lag, if I remember correctly, he already did improve some.

Other than that, yeah, it's a known issue of the D2 engine and we can't do much about it. Maybe in the future in Sigma.
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