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Hey people. Last time I played Median was probably like 5 years ago. I heard about sigma and decided I'll be coming back when it releases. I have a question about level challenges. I know for the Ennead challenge you need to be level 80 or under. Are there ether quests or challenges that have a maximum level? I've forgotten how just about everything works in Median because I haven't played for so long :mrgreen: thanks.
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Level Challenge 1 --> Ennead Challenge --> Level Challenge 2. The only things that have level restrictions. You can find info on those in the Docs under the Quests tab.
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You now have 3 challenges that require you to be under a certain level.
Lvl 1 challenge = maximum level 50 (Elemental prism).
Lvl 2 challenge = maximum level 90 (Class charm).
Ennead challenge = maximum level 80 (Class charm upgrade + Ennead skill).

Also you have the Black Road challenge but it doesn't require a maximum level and you need to reach act 2 destruction anyway.

If you need more specific information you can go 'Game' -> 'Documentation' -> 'Quests'.
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Ok, thanks for the help. I guess I'll read through the Docs while waiting for sigma.
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fartsniffer wrote:Ok, thanks for the help. I guess I'll read through the Docs while waiting for sigma.

Just wondering why you'd be waiting. Did they say they would wipe current characters?
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is median-xl a multiplayer only game? i mean do i must play MP to get all content or from SP i am missing only ping ?
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i recommend use the Docs and Play Now as much as you can find a class you want to play. find maybe a 2-4 Man start group (8 man isnt playable i can tell you^^)
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I will just throw my somewhat newbie Questions in here:

-How are the Drops in Multiplayer? If i play together with a Friend, will stuff like Charms, Trophys or even the Catalysts drop twice?
-Is CB really that good since the tougher Bosses like Azmodan or Dest Baal are immune to it?
-Im currently playing Thorn Strike Treewarden. How to deal with Phys immun Monsters? My Wildfire is lvl 1 with +20 from all Skills but dmg is really low and im running out of Mana super fast. Terul took my like 3 minutes to kill
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Xares wrote:I will just throw my somewhat newbie Questions in here

no, only drops once
CB is useful for general farming/lesser ubers
Get a mercenary to kill phys immunes, blood mage/abjurer work great.
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I am so glad that this thread exists. I am in (almost) the exact same boat. Except that I discovered MXL about a year ago but playing MAC I have only been able to solo play the 2013 version (last support for mac). I am excited to play in the sin war and the last 5 years of patches. Thanks for asking some of my questions.