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scloutkst2889 wrote:I mean, this is what I have been doing. I take it this is not a bug, and a part of the way the skill is programmed?

It's not intended but it's not (easy?) fixable also, since sigma release and it's discovery a few patches ago widowmaker has one time not been allowed on LMB and then later reverted to current (awkward) state, i believe it's either because of an issue with targeting or just a side effect of the the new "uber areas" entrances (which may act differently than normal levels, like a teleport or something i don't really know, just me trying to find logic). I suggest you regard this as an open beta sort of thing, it's going there but we have do endure some inconveniences along the way, anyway rest assured it's not a designed or overlooked thing.
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scloutkst2889 wrote:
Crash wrote:
scloutkst2889 wrote:Why can't i use widowmaker on left click? That is the most convenient place to have it as I switch between other spells frequently

You can keep using it on LMB if you want, but you'll need to click your . W weapon switch each time you want to open something

I mean, this is what I have been doing. I take it this is not a bug, and a part of the way the skill is programmed?

there was a temp fix in a recent mini patch, but it was reverted because it didnt work properly. Im sure its being looked into, but its a way of how widowmaker interacts with left click being the main action, that it probably attempts to shoot widowmaker on the door instead of opening it. Im not sure what happened, but it was reverted, so thats my guess.
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The Gidbin quest in act 3 hell is bugged the minion you need to kill dosnt spawn have tryed it 8 times now