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Eregoth wrote:
aerial wrote:Su war staff, gear with ton of mana, witchmoon, empy glory rings or outoboros, ssu gambeson or umo project quad mo chest with one of two umo that increase mana, rest eerie crafs. You can hit up to even 50k mana with this, and for example 40k mana sweep damage every 5 frames (before chronofield pierce)

build: poison (5pt passive), lightning (warp armor) or fire (life passive), then max panthers from mana tree, max mana sweep, 1pt antimass, max chrono uber, brc/moon potions up to you how many

As someone currently doing this build:

You don't need to build around Mana Sweep. You only need 13 points, and then go for your regular Immersion Single-target setup. Once you hit 30k mana, it takes 2 casts to clear a screen in Duncraig, 3 in Vizjun. The minor increase in scaling is insignificant compared to better gear or charms.

And for farming you want double Adrenaline Rush and 40%FRW boots. To even try competing with teleporting builds, you need to stack movement speed wherever possible.

It's pretty fun. It's gated behind a very expensive weapon, but it really transforms once you get it.

Sooo.... MSweep Sorc build is:

SMAX immersion

13 pt to man sweep

max pathers

max chrono

the rest is totally up to you what buffs and passives...

A'ight ?
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Why immersion? You use mana sweep and clear areas with mf with this build, not kill bosses, you don't care about single target. It can kill them but it is nothing special.
And maxing mana sweep adds some damage.