Black Road Challenge

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Nedark wrote:Thanks Rishab for the tips of editing.
Is that possible to do a spoil in a spoil ? Like Incepspoil :D

It used to be possible when there were 2 types of spoilers but not anymore.

Additionally, another tip for gold can be "insert rune in any throw knife/axe and sell on highest act and difficulty"
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Okidoki so I've finished adding additional info but i didn't credit the things some of you told me to add for a good reading purpose. Shall I leave it this way ?
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HechtHeftig wrote:I personally take a different route on tran map if my char lacks armor and is rather squishy. That way is easier (cause you don't stumble upon 3084758470 amazons at once) but might take longer as you need to clear all the ways before its really safe. Also you need to clear the way from all barrels, else the zons can't get through.

(I made that map)

This map is modify. Someone have the new one?