3 x best build (farm, charm & rift)

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nice :)
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nobrainnopain wrote:
Rusev wrote:1 Summon/throw Barbatian, Mele Sorcerer, Blood Amazon
2 Mana Sweep Sorcerer, Neutral Paladin, Pounce assassin
3 Wolf druid

What´a pounce assassin?

Might be referring to the fact naginatas can roll Shunpo as an oskill, which functionally is a pounce skill. Hades gate lets you also blink onto corpses ad infinitum meaning you can steamroll dunc and teganze by just blinking onto packs.

Alternately, I think rusev has Stormblade on his sin, so...
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Not sure if this link will be directly helpful
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Rusev wrote:
happy finding it :)

That looks so fun to play.