Stampede drops to only 2-3 dmg at skill level 8?

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Hi everyone.

First time trying the Barbarian and I am level 85. I recently respec'd to throwbarb to see if it would be effective, testing my might in the Canyon of the Magi. I had done a few clears just testing different skills. My gear and charm give a combined +6 skill points, and I had just placed my eighth base point in Stampede. Suddenly, monsters are dying very slowly and damage doesn't appear to be happening. I figure it's lag but then I check my damage and Stampede's damage has dropped to 2-3 in the character screen! The skill now only shows +2 magic damage, and it's completely unusable. I am hoping this is just a mathematical nuance at base skill level eight, but I don't have any spare skill points to place in it to get it to the next level and see if the damage returns. I have tried taking off all my gear and removing all charms, then re-equipping. I have tried restarting the game, everything.

Any help would be appreciated - am I missing something? I already used my two Akaras and don't have any Belladonna potions, but maybe it has something to do with having already reset my skills twice? Idk

Just reached level 85. Placed eighth hard point in Stampede. Its damage dropped to two and now I can't kill anything.

My username is VGD

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edit: Sorry I posted and didn't see your post. I just figured it out coincidentally. You are right - axe was in offhand
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