Forum Rules

General Rules

- Aggressive, slanderous or vulgar messages are prohibited. Personal insults and threats will not be tolerated.
- Messages that promote or evoke illegal practices are prohibited.
- If you would like to post information that comes from another website, check if you need permission to do so first.
- Please only post your messages once. Repetitions are unpleasant and unnecessary!

Cheating Policy

- Discussions on hacks, cheats and unauthorized third party modifications are prohibited.
- Encouraging others to do so will lead to account suspension.
- Due to the abuse of AHK for pseudobotting and cheating purposes, public distribution and usage of AHK scripts is now prohibited.

Trade Gold

What is Trade Gold?
Trade Gold, also known as TG, is the main forum currency.

How do I obtain Trade Gold?
- Donations: you can donate to the site. Trade Gold is automatically added to your account after you do so.
- Trades: receive Trade Gold by trading with other players. Trade offers can be found in the Trade Section of the forum.
- Contests: official and unofficial forum and realm contests may reward the winners with Trade Gold

What am I allowed to do with Trade Gold?
- Items: trade it for items with other members of the forum, directly from their profile or from the TG Center.
- Donating: send Trade Gold to other members as a way of saying thanks.
- Auctions: bid for items in open auctions in the TG Center.

What should I not do with Trade Gold?
- Selling Trade Gold for real money is strictly prohibited and will lead to account suspension and partial or complete loss of your Trade Gold.
- The sale of TSW and Forum accounts is prohibited.
- You may not offer Trade Gold for items if you don't have a sufficient amount.

Trade Topics
- You may bump your trade topics up to once every hour.
- You may not have more than one topic appear under "Recent Trade Topics" at the same time.

- You may not fix item prices (writing false item in the comments to lower price-check averages to scam newbies)
- Any other toxic behavior in transaction comments will not be allowed

Auction Rules

Creating an Auction
- Before making an auction: you are fully commiting to deliver the item regardless of the auction outcome/winner.
- Relevant details in the title are accepted, such as commonly desired rolls (i.e. "Danmaku +3 skills").
- Opinions are not allowed in titles. Including, but not limited to, "BiS", "GG", "BEST ENDGAME", etc.
- Misleading information is not accepted, such as advertising guaranteed or redudant rolls (i.e. "Eth Iron Shard", when item is always eth)..
- Selling ""random"" item packs is forbidden. For example: "Cube full of SU/SSU". To do this, linking a character is required.
- Other redundant details (such as auction settings) should also be avoided.
- All auctions are to go through the auction system, elsewhere is prohibited.

Completing an Auction
- The auctioneer has 24 hours to deliver the item. If not possible, he will have an extra 24 hours to place the item in a mule and send credentials to the winner.
- If an auctioneer has used the auto-transfer function for their auction, the auction winner should check their account for the newly transfered character up to an hour after the auction has completed.
- The auction winner should ensure they have space on their account to accept this new character.

Infractions & Abuses
- Minor offences: user warned, auction will be removed and fee will not be refunded. This includes, but is not limited to: bad titles.
- Moderate offences: temporary/permanent ban from the TG center. Includes, but is not limited to: not providing auctioned item in time or multiple warnings.
- Major offences: permanent and irrevocable ban from the TG center, forums & realm. Includes, but is not limited to: outcome manipulation and scam attempts.