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I appreciate the posts, MedianUV and HechtHeftig. It's given me a lot of insight.

One more thing: Do I need to download D2Stats?
I was playing just fine without it so far on the ladder.
But would it help me on single player? I'm just worried I won't understand it.

I am not good at messing with files or installing things to be honest. Initially downloading Median XL confused me. I couldn't figure it out. And then I went to the Discord channel and somebody gave me a simple link. One click and all of a sudden it was super easy and it installed automatically with its own icon (app) on desktop.

If D2Stats is easy to download and use I'll definitely check it out. Otherwise I'm not interested.
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D2stats is a very nice utility.
I'd highly recommend it for a variety of reasons, ranging from beginner --> advanced.
For example, D2stats can reveal the ilvl of an item, FCR/FHR/etc totals on your character, how many sigs you've consumed, etc.
You might not know what those are, yet, which is fine. You will.
However, the dropfilter feature may be of immediate interest to you.
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All's Fair in Love & Single Player - anon
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I'm trying to find a build, but the ones on the character page aren't great. Does anyone have paladin suggestions for me to use?
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What causes Belial to heal? I'm trying to kill him by throwing my dead body at him but he's always full health when I come back. (-:
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MedianUV wrote:The mods here frown upon soliciting sharing stashes.
That said, there are other channels of acquiring them.
Google might help you in this endeavor, before you rustle Mod jimmies

You better remove his quotes since he delete his own
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So I gave Uld a try yesterday for the first time since the patch, previously couldn't get past baals platform. So I had no trouble with the 10 trials and even Uld seemed fairly easy (very time consuming at 3 hours getting him to ~25%.... but easy in that the mechanics were straight forward). I decided after making much slower progress on his running away phase that on my next death I would try to change my build a little to deal with the adds better. So my next death I tweak my build and go back in to find Uld at 100% health....

Was this due to me reskilling/gearing or did it have to do with the amount of time I was in town? Also, I read that this fight is doable in ~30 mins which trips me out since it was looking like a 4 hour encounter for me. I purified as often as possible....
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wtf happen with A1 Q! DEST.?! 6 times i clear the whole area and i couldn't complete the cuqest...
lost 2 hours of changing games and clearing for nothing... :@