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I'm probably just doing something simple wrong, but I've updated as I normally do by replacing all patch files in the D2 folder and it's still on the old version. Am I required to change over to 1.14 or play online for 1.2 to work?
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Son of Lucion
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Thanks for the help and tips, guys!
Hopefully I'll find a character that treats me well.

I'm thinking of starting up a Bowazon because I found one decent bow - level 20.
It's the highest damage weapon I've come across so far. I'm thinking it's a sign.

Believe me I expect to die a lot. I just want to become good at something in the process.
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Johnny Impak
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Bowzon is pretty powerful, although you play with 0 defense. Some parts are a pain. ( End A3 and Manglers/Cruciators.) Ideally, try to learn which enemy deals which type of damage and how strong it is. Knowledge is power in this game, especially with glass canons
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Son of Lucion
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I want to make an effective bowazon that is highly invested into barrage and ecstatic frenzy. Is that possible or even doable? I die a lot already with low defense so I figure it's worth a shot. Or would sun strike and dragonlore be a wiser investment of my skill points? I must find skills that I enjoy otherwise I end up placing them all over the place and not where I should be.
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Johnny Impak
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Ecstatic frenzy AND barrage is a no go on 90% of the situations. Whatever manages to pass through your barrage will most likely hit you melee. If you stop shooting to dodge and move, stuff will stop dying and more mobs will go after you. Past Hatred you will have issues. This tactic is good to brute force a boss tho, coupled with spellbind.

Dragonlore is a MUST here. I recommend you checking SuchBalance's bowzon guide. It may be a tad old, but she didn't change very much in the last patches and everything is explained in a way even a beginner like you can understand.
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You don't really need to emphasize Dragonlore. It won't do you a whole lot of good without ele pierce to go with it. Phys/Magic bowzon (high phys damage gear + frenzy) does great too.
Core Lord
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nvrmind found it was thinking of the slep+trophies recipe disregard
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What's a good amount of Shuriken Flurry damage in mid game (early destruction)? I've been getting 2-3k with hobo gear and it's not being spectacularly effective.
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Son of Lucion
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How many characters can you create per account?

Also, if I struggle with my builds can I continue to seek your advise?

Chances are I'm going to be a major newbie for a while. The game is challenging.
Thunder Beetle
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How do i get a MOTW oskill for a weapon switch for my barb.