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Rust Claw
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If I reanimate both a Fallen Shaman and a Fallen, will the Fallen Shaman resurrect the Fallen when it die?
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tranvanhieu wrote:If I reanimate both a Fallen Shaman and a Fallen, will the Fallen Shaman resurrect the Fallen when it die?

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Sprow wrote:
Simon_Catfish wrote:Heyas, I can finally make my first ever Xis Runeword, but given that you can't unsocket it and the time it took me to farm everything for it, I want to make sure it's put to good use. Is there a go-to xis runeword or a one that will jump my characters from just being mediocre TA / Toraja farmers? I currently have a Barb Summoner, Holy Melee Pally with The Adjudicator, Harbinger Druid using Void, Javazon with using the Javazon set and Melee Sorc using the Mysteries set. Any advice on how to best use this Xis Rune?

Shark (Xis)


Runeword Level: 121
1% Chance to cast level 31 Bloodlust on Kill
+(201 to 250)% Bonus Damage to Bloodlust
50% Increased Attack Speed
+230% Enhanced Damage
+(3.25 per level) to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)
66% Chance of Open Wounds
+5 to all Attributes
-500 to Mana
RW in eth broad sword with 15 ias x5jewel + indestructible would be good choice for your wolf druid in TA

Is it worth it to hold out for an Eth weapon? Or would rerolling a normal sacred for the highest possible ED + Luck before making it a runeword be just as good?
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Eth does 50% ed, right? So I think eth so long as your indestructible jewel is worthy; which seems maybe easier than xis?
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Its potential 85%ED on Eth versus 55%ED on NonEth. You can only get higher %AR from NonEth if you are Double Lucky.
Lava Lord
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Yeah, try eth if possible, keep that in mind you cant mo+ED to your preruneword base weapon( due to xis lvl121 req).
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Eth 50% ed is applied before all other %ed, so it is MUCH better than just 50% extra ed.
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Is there a problem with the button here in forum for the tools, guide and docs? Been trying to check my skill plans but the button is not showing the menu.
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Hello My char explode in Cow level on Bull prince Rodeo and all items drop on ground.There was few really rare stuff and one player /BenTenBaba or /Ben10Baba23 i think took all and save and exit.Cant find him and i doubt he will return them.Is there anythink to do.May be rollback?
Stygian Watcher
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Hey can a unique jewel be both luckied and lotteried?