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Hello. Yesterday I took nostalgia and I decided to play in Diablo. The standard game quickly ended and I started looking for something modern, I saw that there was a mod, well, I downloaded it. Everything seems to be good, but using runewords is very inconvenient. While you find the right one, it can take a few minutes. Therefore, I took and wrote a simple program, for search by runewords.

Actually, there are two files in the archive, a list of runes and the program itself. I made the list an external file, suddenly the runes will change, so that someone can freely change.

To use it is quite simple, launch RuneWorldsOut.jar, enter numbers or letters in the search window and click Search. I did not do much there, only three regimes. If a digit is entered, runes from 0 to N + 1 are displayed, where N == digit.

Second mode, search from the minimum specified level and up to the maximum. As an example, from 25 to 50 level.

The last mode is for the keywords or their parts. Looks everywhere except for levels.


Well, and so on.

Oh yes, the reset button resets to the initial state.

p/s program is written in java.

Sorry for my English, I'm just studying it.) Good to everyone.)