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While I can empathize that it's not a bigdeal nor forefront priority, will there ever be a day which Mercenaries can switch weapons without bugging and breaking their scripts?

Is this a hardcoded bug, or an unintended bug that's persisted for years? I'd be very curious to know how it works under the hood.
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Hej, dont want to spam patch notes topic so will refresh report posted here about Zann Esu's Rite Aura, where you are loosing bonus from it because Familiar is attacking monsters in range higher than mentioned Aura radius.

Unda wrote:It feels like Familiar summon Zann Esu's Rite Aura radius is too low, im loosing for example minions each time familiar chasing some mob out of screen and im not sure if its intended. I agree Familiar aura radius shouldnt be too high to not affect party all the time, but sorceress should be under its influence all the time by high enough radius or Familiar shouldnt leave her as far to not give her bonuses.

Isnt that considered as unintended? Because you are pushed to recast your missing Ice Elementals (without reason) every time Familiar trips to screen frame to attack mobs.
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Thundercrack doesnt work like all other melee skills. (melee skills used on rightclick, if used for walking auto seek mob when they are near)