Add Elemental Damage? (Force of Nature)

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Hello Forum,

Relatively new to Median XL. Sorry if this has already been explained, but could someone please shed some light on the Add Elemental Damage? I'm currently leveling my *Tree Warden* Druid, and the Force of Nature skill says, "Maximum Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage per X amount (If you have another source). From what I understand I need to already have elemental damage added to my melee attack / weapon, and in doing so this skill adds a bonus. What confuses me is that I currently have 17 points on this skill, and the damage per element is 93. So lets say I have 50-100 cold damage, 50-100 fire damage, 50-100 lightning damage, 50-100 poison damage. Does each individual elemental damage now do 50-193? Am I missing something?
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Blood Golem
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Yes you‘re missing something. It adds minimum damage as well. So it‘s 143-193.

And btw don‘t worry about the fact that you need additional elemental damage, you get all 3 types of elemental damage from your lc1 charm elemental prism.
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It adds max elemental damage. Skill icon says so.
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Not poison as its not an element.