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Treewarden in thorn strike+idol with massive fire dmg by wildfire. Wipe your feet on the normal and horror of everyone, and the bosses fall for 1-10 thorns. Then you dress and continue to wipe your feet in hell. Pleasant for a beginner due to fat, priority of strength% = equip; +some vitality%. Main skill non target, don't need mana. Perfect gameplay for greend = 1-2 skills (all time use MotW(60sec) and Idol on Mouse2) and thorn strike on Mouse1(wildfire with fat bosses or immune). Forgives many mistakes, Absolutely not picky about things.

Mele sorc - fire/poison, light/poison.
Very nice things(TU Armor req Dex with +Str and Dex, TU sword req Dex +dex, TU shield with str+dex) supporting each other at an early stage, do not puzzle where to invest points, just dex. self-attacking attack, thick servants swords, steep retaining passives. Thanks to FUSILLADE in the mid game and late game, we stop being clean mele, incredible damage. Absolutely not picky about things, just use griwold box.

Ama Pounce with items from grisolwd gox and Wolf Dru - Nice teleportAOE main skill, druid more demanding to equip, 1-12 lvl very slow, low dmg on solo fat target(Great Hunt>>Twisted claw). Ama more save to the passive(armor from lioness, balance +fhr and speed+ slow enemy), dru have meat shield. At 90lvl ama have nice boost for dmg/hp and dru too.

Assa with crucify and shadow refuge for fast 120lvl

Paladin for lovers using many buttons.

Barb king among the first characters, just feel the simplicity of gameplay and the synergy of skills.

For hardcore it is contraindicated to be a melee, because there is always something capable of killing with 1 hit.
The summoner(barb, necr(minions/totems/hybrid) is the easiest, then range(barb>necr>dru>ama>assa), then mele, although it's always worth playing for someone you like, no matter how many times you die :) Casters at lvl of range, maybe better.