Dr. Strangebuff - Summoner Nec

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omg i got the goetia gothic armour i now have mid end game stuff 82k life skel flayers LOL 171 k life rampagers that do 20k-35k dmg? and 30 of them and 33 of the flayers and lamia and 6 totems frostclas each doing 2200-3500 with DFT and howl out plus dft sppecial 900each rainbow dam from dft.... now i see 1300% to min life now i see how you can actually have more min life than needed got az heart and some +res max so have 87% and 90% in all res the gotetia mail and finding a set of SU gothic for my merc makes all the difference.. merc has 51k def with totems out etc.. 40+ just standing in town now i see how this buiold can farm and farm... its amazing but getting that gothic end game armour to go with the santa comp staff and 21% min life/2% cold dmg jewels in it suddenly ive got a char that went thru duncraig well the 92 points dmg reduc and 14%dm reduc helps too ..really nice farmer..
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Core Lord
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thank you would totally rec this buiild to anyone soon as you get the taff and body arm and the 2 laz pieces belt and cap and decent merc stuff it becomes a farming machine now the hardest thing is keeping my merc alive LOL
long enough to do the 9.8k-16.8k dmg
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please note i am asking this as someone with 50mil exp halfway to lvl 121
running endgame content so its not hypothetical silly wquestions from someone lvl 50 or 70
so sorry for many of the earlier questions now rhat ive played thruy much of it i know so much more.. anyways..

these are relavent to my current situation..since im trying the other harder areas now..ubers and heroics now

btw what do you think of the harp of vengance for merc iknow in 113 i was able to roll a fantastic long war bow with 300 trries LOL my current one is :a
18% knife throw lvl 10 on strike
+4-284 dmg
and 20% deadly strike
and 80% EWD
83% attack rate
Eh dam 290%
3% reanim ice prince
base dmg

with totems and boost etc 10k-16.8k
plus any rainbow dmgs from other armour and dft etc..
just wondered what you thought of the su or ssu or sssu llong war bow or short war bows etc
especially harp of vengance and the ssu one with ctc on strike thunder and ctc strike fork lightening
or ius a good crafted shrined and blessed still best option???

also help my merc dies a bit squishy but has 53k def and max resis and such wondered if youd found a prefered belt to replace deadfall with(my deadfall fully orbed with ed and td and such orbs...)
or is merc just gonna be a challange to keep alive on certain areas/bosses??

same for recommendations for a helm currently using a dex and def crafted and blessed weird shrine and and one ed and td orbed etc... got the rec boots and body armour etc.. just didnt know if 53k def etc was squishy or if there's a way if the mers def is good and it really is just a balance act with the merc and he is justy gonna die sometimes on dest lvl especially boss areas/uber heroic ones and thats just life ..

he has poison dmg and lightening dmg fropm klautu barato nikto amuletof significant amounts1k or more each plus the gothic su body armour gives more poison and the glor an.. su gauntlets gives good fire dmg per attack plus another 1 k or more of all rainbo dmgs from the dft totems
so the attack killspeed is awesome for physical dmg and for all the rainbow stuff...

but my armour well it seems im squishy even with 53k
if thats just the challange of the build at mid end game"keepp the merc alive"
thats fine
but if im missing a trick and should really have 70k def for mid and end game merc and you have some potentially good belt for endgame or helm cause currently using deadfall and crafted dex and def aboandond and weird i think it was for helm and deadfall belt all fully orbed with td and ed etc
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Johnny Impak
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Anyone got an issue with Judgment day ? Tried 3 times, dealt little to no damage with FCT.

Seems like every damn time the unholy armor when struck triggers, making the avatars nearly always invincible due to all the minions bashing on it.

I'll use my poison setup spamming shadows and it surely do the trick. In your video it doesn't happen. Why ?
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yeah unholy armor is annoying. I had to try a couple of times as well before I finally did it. Just keep trying.
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Johnny Impak
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I'll try summunong only flayers to reduce my mob count. Might help

Edit: Worked fine with lesser summuns. Also, smaxing Bane and Black Mass helps a lot for Fauzt. More than Fireheart Totem imo. About to ditch the bow merc really. She just dies outta nowhere with 70+ minions around. A barb with Qarak might be good