What is Median XL: Sigma

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Well, not really. Vets should adapt to the new game mechanics rly fast however newbie is still a newbie so he has to learn whole content from scratch anyways.
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Ruubel wrote:An interesting perspectve: at median vets have advatage over newbies in terms of knowledge, equipement and skills, etc. As it should be. But at Sigma - everything - mechanics, skils, field tactics, monsters, equipement - will be mostly new experience for everyone.

It will be new for anyone, but vets will adapt really fast. And newbies or less experienced players will feed on the abundant information on forum/guides and general discusssion about new stuff. Maybe even vets will struggle a bit, maybe @Chuck will play again :D. Im so excited! Saved up 3 days of payed holiday for sigma :)
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Is there a beta curently? And is there a place where you can sign up to a chance for getting in the beta?
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Afaik, there's a private test ladder currently in progress. But idk how, or even if, you can sign up for it.
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No, you can't sign for it. You could win a participation in it 2 ladders ago I think. People testing Sigma are mods, admins and most deserved users
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Actually anyone who is patreon has the opportunity to apply for it.
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Geez, how many layers of thick skull that person have, it is optional plugin.
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