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ChuckNoRis wrote:we already have a similar thing for stacking the shrines and arcane crystals in the curent patch (shrine vessel and arcane cluster). i guess it can be applied for (perfect) gems and runes too if they are of the same type

Really hoping this gets implemented, it seems like such a simple and easy change given that things like what you mentioned already exist. Eastern Sun had a gem canister, a rune holder, an ore holder, and it was so convenient to just drop all of your gems and runes into that so you weren't having to transfer hundreds of 1-tile items back and forth between mules etc.
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Just a fun bit, don't know if it is capable of being done: make anya's personalize when used on rune words be added to the runeword name as it is for uniques, instead of just adding the character name to the base.
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A few monsters that I think you should add regarding the lore, as uniques or ubers:

Il'qual'Amoul (The bone demon of Storm of Light)
Karybdus (The twisted necromancer of Moon of the Spider)
Gulag (The minion of Baal in The Sin War trilogy, killed by Uldyssian at the beginning of Scales of the Serpent)
Valdraxxis (hate & discipline)
Balzael (Angel - Storm of Light)
Urzael (Diablo 3)
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Bring back the attribute challenge!

I wonder if devs have actually been reading this topic and taken some pointers. I remember this being somewhat a meme-thread.
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yes that's right :(
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It would be really nice to clearly distinguish between Spell Damage and Synergy to Spell Damage. Right now there are so many different skills with different wordings.
-Vengeful Power says: Spell Damage: xx% for 5 sec after being hit but actually xx is added to the Synergy Bonus.
-Witchblood says: Total Elemental Spell Damage when above 90% Life : xx% this sounds like a global multiplier is applied to the Damage output of Spells but actually xx is only added to the Synergy Bonus
- ....

Right now there are only 2 Multipliers to the Damage of a Spell: a Spell damage Multiplier and a Synergy Multiplier so I suggest only using two wordings...
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will the online skillpoint planner also be updated in the day of the Sigma release or must we wait for that much longer ? also , could we have an option in this skillpoint planner to choose which (previous ? ) version we wish to save a skillplan for , or we will still be having only the latest version as an option ?

will the post size be increased from 60k characters ? some of us have been asking for that for some time ... (100k would be sufficient)
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I'd like to see: Merc upgrades!

1. Full-dressed out mercs. Rings, and maybe a small inventory area for charms?
2. Merc personality: Have an agressive/neutral/safety option. Either merc really goes after whatever you see, or hangs back to throw spells...
3. Have programable 'spell' spot. You give merc a weapon/armor that adds an unrelated spell, it adds the spell to their usage inventory.
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this topic is buried by newbs :coolstorybob: time to up it

Can bloodzon has a line on life orb to indicate if they have bacchanalina? Also same for witch blood sorc
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more gold farm abilitys plz for under lvl 100, because in Nm farming spots are just not enough gold farming spots
:think: island of sunlessea is not reachable before lvl 105 and in dest ( hell ) act 2 - would be a nice change to have it earlier reachable to get some gold sources for magic orb and crafting oils to buy in Nightmare processing !

yes i know a1 'underground way' have 'cave snappers' and a2 'rocky waste have grubbers' but they (there) to farm as for lvl 80 - lvl 105 ? to get gold amounts ?

so i found me running 'Nila' in Nm and also grind some of the 'snappers' to get even some gold, just because i had to get gold for my magic orb process and was about to jewelcrafting and runeword making, that needs allot gold but checking stash and see just 10k gold, not help at that point ( selling any rares wouldn't help :stupid: )

running the 'grubbers' solved it a bit - but not at all, time consuming aswell and reward is low and feels backtracking, not gaining any xp, etc. etc.

BUT iam beeing positive moo'd for future upgrades, hopefully :beg:
and ( maybe ) brg back old runwalk, maybe make a reader to this, or an learning-small-fun-lvl-5-challenge to give a learn abilitiy to newbies :thumb: ( meme )

i guess Sigma has some chance to get rly good, just take care of it and listen to the community :!: