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"Small" ingame statics, like columns, fires, etc. obstruct certain skills with inbuilt pathing, like Whirlwind, from acting properly. Once a character bumps into them, he often stops, which presents a tactical deficiency. It would be nice, if that issue were fixed.

There're several non-used half, or almost-working server-side skill functions present, including a half-circle area effect melee strike. If those were "refined" and used for character, or monster skills, that would improve the game experience, IMHO.

I believe it's been suggested already, but having an extra UI slot for stances(auras) would surely be beneficial. Right now, the characters using stances are robbed of properly utilizing right mouse click normal attacks. Not to mention the right mouse click skill micromanagement only possible because of aura working for a time, after being switched off.
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is there any chance that in sigma will use this unique item image from classic diablo 2? I think It is a bit of waste not to use them.

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Idk how much of a pain it would be to do this, but in the weapon description info window in-game, could the “Slow/Normal/Fast/Very Fast Attack Speed” be replaced with the weapon's WSM number instead?
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In the past patches useless sin skills were fixed.

So the last skill that really needs to be fixed is batstrike. Not necessarily the first and third charge but the second charge just sucks (especially since it doesn't activate the first one simultaneously anymore). Something like +1 familiar per hard point, max 10 and you get exactly that many if you cast it.

10 bats at once instead of having to deal with that buggy mechanic until 10 bats are alive at the same time.

Also the second charge should release the nova from the first charge too, and a hit with the third charge should release the bats too.