Melee Necro sucks now?

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I haven't touched this mod in a while, but a while back I used a scythe necro to get pretty far into the game (starting ubers). Well come back a few days ago and try it again, but the Deathlord ability seems to have been nerfed into the ground. I find it to be woefully underpowered in my early game.

Does anyone know why this is? Or am I missing a new way to play melee necro?
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Carnage got buffed and does pretty good damage now. Melee necromancer is still viable, its actually pretty strong if you get a few good items.
You should check out the melee necromancer guide for more info
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I had already looked at the guide. It is from before 1.3, when deathlord still had a damage bonus and scaling str/dex.
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Now you have +1 chance to block and you can play it with a dagger, it is very strong and safe.
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it doesn't suck. it just requires a hair's width more of brain power to make it work compared to how broken strong it used to be.