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unless the kill was from miasma/venom spirit
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Thx for that !
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Should I MO my sword with life-giving orbs, e.g. LAEK orbs? If yes, and considering my char is a druid using Harbinger, what orbs would yield the greatest benefits: "10 life after each kill", or "30 life on attack" ?
Thank you.
isnt wolf passiv enough for life leech? i would go for ed/total ed/cb/ar?!

if i am right, harbinger doesnt cound as "attack", so life on attack shouldnt work

but i dont rly know anything about wolf :D
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does the "d2 median launcher" mess with my copies of d2 that i use to play or even their default gateways etc?

if you use patch 1.14d or the latest patch, (that works with windows 10), does the launcher use this patch, or do some reversion to 1.13c (which i cant get to work on windows 10 without frame rate issues)?
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Evening to all.

@ tlpc1
Check the beautiful work of the community , staff and members present one of the fastest farmers.

@ wc_reiniger
I am far from a pro in this game but I think that warp strike /teleport+hit/ can proc only on kill and on striking suffix types.
check this

@ everyone

What are the skeleton reanimate stats. /mystic orb / Is there a post with such information/outdated or not/

I found this current list /states old/ but dont neglect the work implemented you will be amazed how many are there.

So lets paraphrase the question.

Are the stats shown above relevant for the current patch and are there any newer versions of the list?
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@silicondream: Scroll to the top of the page, click "Game" and select "Documentation"

As far as how relevant the old ones are, I have no idea but new documentation exists and I think the wiki has some mob skills/etc
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@silicondream thats what i said ;)
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What's the difference between SU SSU SSSU and SSSSU?
Are they just different tiers of sacred uniques?
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@ Afzofa You are right . Those are just different versions of lets say sacred javelins.
You can check all types from the documentation on the website.