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I'm at middle of A3 with my Holy Freezedin, played most of the time on p8, sometimes p5 and skull on inv all the time. ATM lvl 49 so it seems I'm still falling behind on xp, have to grind some earlier areas a bit maybe. And get some better crafts, only weapon was lucky hit (good dmg, +3 to Holy Freeze and +Zeal).

Also for the fun of it I tried summoner necro and gave him that Maximize amulet, skeletons become killing machines with that. I just don't like summoners so I scratched that char.

Been having a blast and story seems to be interesting.
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Yeah the mod counts with the fact the people will do smaller grind for items. I guess you went trough aura items gathering and crafts too fast, how much did you spend there ? Generally the levels should go like 20 per act (10 in 4th). Obviously intention didn't get fulfilled it seems xD

If you are about to go for Act 3 sets, it should get you nice amount of levels until you obtain them. HF Paladin was the very first character to test the mod, nice guess. :shock:

The crafts might take time, bad drops do take place. But there is stuff like meditation when equipped, all skills or skill damage possible.

No worries about necro summoner, there is a boss dedicated to countering him, the thing can shred your skeleton army to pieces in a matter of seconds, the more skeletons the more devastating his skills become, so this char is going to have fun :mrgreen:
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Have you seen Casual Nostalgia?
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Not really, but I have seen at least two other mods with the same changes.
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dfnord wrote:Have you seen Casual Nostalgia?

looks really cLod
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Played Puppetier mod a few times. Reached act 2 at lvl 26, but without skull charm and on p1. Leveled to 30 and now can do Andy runs comfortabilly with skull charm. Overall everything looks nice, challenge is there and can be adjusted if you looking/ready for it. Started to farm halls of dead - materials for crafting items, very little description, but i will figure it out through trial and error.
Feedback about few things:
1. Mercs. Act 1 amazon was slow and dumb, constantly running aroud instead of atacking. Act 2 merc is better but gets interupted alot. Overall mercs are too squishy even without skull and with battle orders. Maybe mod does not rely on using them, then it's ok.
2. Craft items from green/blue/red gems. Some of the negative effects should be increased. Ring that gives + resists, DR and -cannot run. It only reduces some amount of stamina. When i put it on, barb had already enough stamina to just ignore this burden. Maybe reduce run/walk speed instead ? Amulet with + 1000% max dmg - very nice thing. Belt with +60 stats did not work well for my char, slow atack and was constantly interupted in middle of swings.
3. Ranged mobs hit too hard. Archers, slingers, ect - do a lot of dmg compared to anything.
4. Barb lvl 30 skill for resists is disabled :( is it same with all classes, all of them have one skill out ? Or just barb for balance issues ?

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1. Mercs got beefed with 40~60% to all stats (except for resists), maybe they´ll get more in the future.
2. It gives -100% stamina, if you have above it, you do have stamina. Might get tweaked to give above -100% to negative to always block running. Run/walk reduced was the original way it worked before, but it looked rather hilarious, like if the character was running, but not moving. +60 all stats is nicely done, if you attack too slow with it, it just means you need something else to make up for it. By the way, the items with auras can be switched between party/solo mode, craft them.
3. Yes they do, have you ever been pierced by an arrow or hit by a ball of flame ? It hurts pretty bad. It allows for a simple mechanic in which, if the player tries to tank while enemies are being supported by ranged units from back, he just won´t succeed. Ranged units need to be disposed of first.
4. Barb natural resist is disabled due to endgame balance. He was reimbursed by getting mana cost on some skills lowered (like WW has only 15 instead of 25). Another character who has been taken skills from is sorceress and the skills taken are element masteries. Skill damage synergies have been raised by 40~60% to make up for it. Both of these are due to balance purposes. You´ll understand by the endgame.

I would not rely on ´´I will figure it out´´. Why to make it hard when you can just read what to do ? You´ll ruin your experience with irritation over inability to figure stuff out. On Discord you have what everything is there, how to craft it, where to get it, what kind of effects do items give, in later acts even what kind of new monsters you are going to face in extremely detailed way (stats and description), new skills given by items are described, achievements are there if people wish to use them, either as just a guide or for ticking having done them aswell. This mod has a complete how-to guide.