What Change In Sigma Are You Most Excited For?

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220 | 15
I think Sigma really close to us , mb 1 year max and done :)
Stygian Watcher
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higher resolution
higher resolution
higher resolution
finding more shiny lewt
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Neon Fiend
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just copied from the main post and filtered out the ones that are less important to me

Rebalanced skills/oSkills 5
NOT looking forward to Increased resolution, i hate it, the current resolution is already small for my eyes
Rebalanced items 4
New utilities/hotkeys 3
No equipment loss on death 3
Less procs/screen clutter 2
New builds 2
Uberquests 2
Bigger stash 1
Buff/Debuff display 1
Damage divisor mechanic 1
Increased level/difficulty 1
Less instakill mechanics 1
Monster changes 1

note how we already have some of these things like removed heroic shields :P
19 | 2
has anyone mention Countdown Duration for Buff/Debuff ?
For example: i dont know when will my exilir expires, it's too many procs on screen so i can barely see the buff effect on char went off, and i cant keep counting sec by sec in my head, so... Countdown Duration pls
125 | 0
higher resolution
integrated maphack
last but not least: screen clutter (don't like so many things with on proc on death on cast etc....)
229 | -2
give back the special boxes by griswold terror for set farming (i liked it to equip merc or midgame)
but maybe be more specific like :
special box + oilf of craft + psmaragd = barb set item
" " + pruby = ama set item
and so on... that would be cool, since the sets are not the best for end but u also dont have to grind any midgame stuff
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High res, integrated filter, sprite limit removal, performance overhaul from the reduced number of strings, new concepts, new items, possibility to introduce low level rws in sacred unique items, boss cosmetics rework and the list can continue.
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sprite limit already removed
65 | 0
I'm really looking foward to the Max tier 4 on unique items.
Also the better resolution and the buff icons.
The quality of life improvements will be great.
I also agree with the less 1-shot mechanic, I always hated those in general.
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Bone Archer
73 | 0
i'd enjoy paladin if holy wasnt absolute garbage