New Engine , is it possible to show damage numbers !? and unique infinite health and mana potions!?

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In meantime I can offer improvements by theorycrafting your build you are playing to see if its possible give you better potions management experience, of course if thats necessary and you cant work on it by checking available options from affixes list, shrines, mystic orbs list, gear etc.
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Ya know ... instead of infinite potions, or getting what D3 and PoE are using right now in therms of Flasks/Infinite-Potions, why not just make the potions themselves stack?

Like, have them stack to a high enough number that you wouldn't have to worry about and just replenish the stack in town every now and then (for Gold ofc, potions should never be free or infinite as you'll just have to re-balance the game around them being a permanent HP/MP Regen, otherwise they're easily exploitable), ofc add in some cooldown to discourage spamming them to stay alive.

The "Flasks" idea from PoE is cool, but it introduces new mechanics that you'd have to re-balance almost everything around.
And the current D3 Potions work almost in the same way as my idea suggests, only without any extra abilities (the default red potion, just, not instant recovery)

Also, about damage numbers, please no, I'd much rather have a DPS meter somewhere that can tell me how much damage I am dealing per second, and some way to see that on the "Character Page" on whichever skill I have active on LB or RB that can take into account MultiHits (Showing both Per-Hit and total damage done to single targets only), having floating numbers on a heavily effect riddled screen would make seeing things harder than it already is, and would probably just break immersion, let's not turn this into D3 please, T-T.
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ya, stackable potions would be something very easy to implement i think. hmm

but i want dmg numbers alot more :P :D
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Give the mobs a mini hp bar on their head when you damage them.