Macro vs.. Brad (Had a Faceoff RESULTS)

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I didn't realize Marco was above me and he completely ruined me. I tried making peace (Belt + Eth), but he was superior to me in every way. I was an Amazon, the most know character, but he was an Amazon as well and put me in my place so easily that I'm embarrassed.

Hail Marco, the KING of Diablo Median XL. I outright challenged him and he put me in my place. Every card I had he had two more, but it was a fair fight and he destroyed me.

I can't continue on the forum unless Marco forgives mel Please forgive me Marco, you've showed your skill, and I'm embarrassed that I took you on directly. You've put me in my place and destroyed me. I tried EVERYTHING2 but you out mastered me.

HAIL King Marco, the undefeated. I tried, tried, tried, but every time he beat me down. I didn't stand a chance. That's why Marco's in charge and I'm just a follower!