need help about median xl

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Before 15 years i was playing a version of median xl. the starting scren is black and gray with ligth coming out from a door ,if i remember exectly! then i was downloaded the full packege with the recipes and runewords,so everithing in one pack, including with d2 and lod. played it with the assassin,she had 3 skill sections,also the druid. the assassin used a naginata(assassin only) and the druid hawe 2 transformacion skill lines,to a wood loocking best and a reanged beast shoting piercing dards.. so i want to play that version again,and need help how to find it ,and how to intal it. I tried,2-3 days but somehow i can not find the version and,now i am paying lod v1.14b and it is booring without the opunitis about the trasnsmuting and without ubers. can u help me out!? thanks!
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I’m having the exact same issue. Did you ever find out what it was?