Median XL 1.3 Released

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Damn, if I understand it correct, it's literally impossible to rush this quest from the start of the new season. It's a shame that you can't get this new powerful uniques in SP although I'm totally understand devs decision, requirements is a joke if you're save scumming.
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the reset start when the coldown reach 0?
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just woke up and only 5 more hours till patc...
oh, damn, nice :)
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The changes to Carnage perform as advertised :) ... its a meltfest.
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All you do is win!
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Thanks for your work @marco and @suchbalance, as always, an outstanding job.
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Thanks to devs and everyone else making this game so alive and great! Wish you all luck and happy gaming (:
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Umm, countdown was at 4 hours an hour ago, now it's at 6hs 56minutes. Is this an error or something?
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wat. works fine for me showing 1hr 52 min left
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I installed the update fine, started playing.
Stepped away from the PC and when I came back, I had a popup:

Unable to connect to

I get it when trying to connect to The Sin War.